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Town Square Rental Info

Rules and regulations for rental of park and recreation facilities

  1. Reservations for all the City facilities will be taken on a first come, first served basis.
  2. A reservation form must be obtained from the Tawas City Hall. When the reservation form has been completed, return it to the Tawas City Hall along with a check in the amount of the required rental fee. Your reservation will be confirmed or refused at that time.
  3. The Tawas City staff reserves the right to refuse use requests deemed inappropriate and not in character with the family orientation of the City facilities.
  4. City facilities shall not be reserved for profit making/commercial activities.
  5. Reservations shall not exceed four (4) hours unless expressly noted, and approved reservations apply only to buildings. Open park areas are not available for reservations.
  6. No reservations shall be accepted for the following holidays: Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor or municipally sanctioned community events and festivals.
  7. REFUNDS: A refund will only be given if, upon cancellation of your reserved date, the City of Tawas City is able to re-rent the facility for that same date. If not, no refund will be given.


pdfTown Square Reservation form and rules

 pdfSpecial Event Application

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